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We walk every day and most of the time in our daily routine, it may be some sort of exercise or may daily rituals works also requires a lot of walking. So let’s think if we can get paid for what we do in our routine life? Then what’s better than that?

We all have listen the name “Warren Edward Buffett”. He is very famous and successful investor in the world. He said that wealthy realize that their time is worth far more than dollars and invest it wisely. The poor always choose money over time and waste their precious time in getting money. Top Five Websites To Make Money Online.

Everyone wants to be successful in their lives, everyone want that they have everything which a common man need it for. But the main problem arises when we don’t know how to earn enough money for our needs. Everyone thinks that we have to do lots of struggle and invest our time in such activities which we don’t like to earn money.

But many of us don’t know that it is not mandatory to work hard to earn money, yes, you heard right.

We can earn not much but that much money that fulfill our desire basic needs by doing our daily routine works. So, in this article we are going to discuss such app which helps you in earning while walking.

So, here is small list of such Apps that pay you to walk and exercise:

1) StepSetGo App

StepSetGo is the oldest app since last year. This app will help you in paying in SSG coins. You can through this app for both Indoor and Outdoor activities.
The basic criteria that it will pay you for 1000 (Indoor steps) for = 1.25 SSG Coins and for 1000 (Outdoor Steps) = 1.00 SSG Coins.
There are a total of 5 levels in this app where, if you reach your target for minimum 3 consecutive days then you’re automatically promotes to the next level of the app. With every level up you can’t earn more coins like at your very first level 1 you can earn a max of 2 coins daily but at last level you can earn maximum of 20 coins in this app. Coin balance can be raised by watching ads and referring this wonderful app to your friends.

You can redeem or use these coins to purchase some free gifts or products or discount coupons redeemable on various sites plus there are hundreds of products.

2) SweatCoin App

Sweatcoin is prior app for many people in walk and earn money in India, this is very popular fitness app in the market these days as well as a it is very user-friendly app.

This amazing app will pay you money only when you walk outside to your home, it will not count any of your steps indoor activities in your home.

This App pays you in cryptocurrency, instead of giving directly money to you. When you will complete your 1000 steps in outdoor activities, then you will get 0.95 Sweatcoin from this app, which you can redeem for cash via PayPal. You can use these coins for gift cards, fitness products, etc.

Sweatcoin is totally free to use, in a free base plan you can earn 5 Sweatcoin per day and 150 Sweatcoins in an entire month.

If you want to earn more sweatcoins, then you can also upgrade your plan in this app. Which helps to offers you to collect more sweetcoins which gives you more money while walking in outside activities.

3) Achievement App

Achievement is also one of the walk and earn App. This app not only rewards you for walking but also pays while you will take part in a bunch of physical activities. You can get up to 40-80 points per day for each activity.
You can also redeem your earned points for a gift card or cash via PayPal when you have earned 10,000 points ($10). And also you can more points while referring this app to you friends circle.

4) Lifecoin App

Lifecoin is a very popular app for walk and earn and also it is free app in the market. Whenever you walk or run anywhere whether it is inside or outside, it gives you the lifecoins, which you can use or redeem later for your own use.
It is mostly similar to the Sweatcoin App. The most of features and rules of this app is quite similar to Sweatcoin app, but the only difference is between the look and interface of the both apps.
This app allows you to use your earned lifecoins to get free e-gift cards to various shopping stores.

5) Stepbet App

Stepbet App This is very different from other earning apps. You only use Step Bet only if you’re confident and curious about achieving your goals. Because at step bet you have to select your fitness goal and bet on yourself, it’s more likely a game which boost your confidence level.

You can also consider this app as a race if you only you guys win then you will get the rewards otherwise you will have to pay a fine, as simple as that.

This confidence booster app allows you to invest up to $ 40 for every activity, and the fear of losing that money is the perfect way to motivate you to achieve your set Goal. Also, after achieving the goal, you will win some money too as your reward.

Everyone says that “health is wealth,” so this these apps helps in keeping us fit and also making us little wealthier than before and also it makes sense that you will always stay energetic and workout frequently in order to keep fit. The apps that pay you to walk are simply an additional reason to keep an active lifestyle in this busy era.

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