Impact of SEO in Our Daily Life

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that refers to the process of optimizing. It’s a digital marketing specialty that’s grown in popularity in recent years. Simply said, SEO is the discipline of marketing your business and getting your brand in front of the billions of people who search online every day using search engines like Google and Bing. Below check out impact of SEO in our daily life.

SEO, believe it or not, has an impact on all of us on a daily basis. Every second of every day, Google handles around 40,000 inquiries. This translates to 3.5 billion daily searches and 1.2 trillion global searches. You were probably one among those looking for answers. When a user types a search query into Google, the algorithm strives to return only the best results. Websites providing original and useful information that is related to the user’s search will be prioritized by Google. The majority of the websites you connect with frequently from SERPs have been search engine optimised in some way.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways SEO is involved in our daily lives.

SEO is only one component of a successful digital marketing plan, but it is a critical one. You can invest in a variety of activities to help your business expand utilising the internet:

• Email Marketing
• Social Media
• YouTube / Video Marketing
• Ads on Facebook
• Ads on LinkedIn

The list might go on forever. One of the things that distinguishes SEO from other forms of digital marketing is this:

People are already looking for something

When you buy Facebook advertising, you’re effectively interrupting someone who was aimlessly scrolling through their feed. When you publish to Instagram, users will see your post as they scroll through hundreds of photographs of friends. You might get their attention, but it’s also possible that you won’t.
When someone uses a search engine, on the other hand, they’re already seeking for something. This is the SEO impact in action.

Putting yourself in front of people’s questions and providing an answer is what SEO is all about.


You may require directions for simple errands and jobs. Whether you’re looking for directions, attempting to locate a nearby coffee shop, or determining which grocery store to visit in your new neighbourhood, you’re almost certainly browsing online. Google’s Maps 3 Pack, a collection of local businesses around your current location that appears at the top of the search results, will assist you in finding local businesses in your current location.

Hire Someone

If you need to employ someone to execute a task, such as a cleaning service or a wedding photographer, Google can assist you in finding a reliable company to hire. Perhaps you’ll retain the services of a lawyer. Would you choose a law firm on page six of the results? Certainly not! You’ll go with someone who has a high ranking on page one.

Adopt an animal

Don’t act like you’ve never looked for cute kittens on the internet. If you’re thinking of adopting an animal or just fantasising about it, you may find animal shelters near you by searching online. If you Google “kittens for adoption,” you’ll find a lot of nice results for local cat rescues.

Find flights

So you’ve discovered onto Google Flights. We know, we adore it as well. Google’s skilled algorithm scours the Internet’s deepest recesses for the finest bargains and presents them in a logical sequence. It will also recommend cheaper dates in the vicinity of your search. Go ahead and plan that trip you’ve always wanted to take!
Maybe you weren’t aware of it previously, or maybe you were, but Google and SEO are designed to make your life easier. Google and SEO are designed to serve the needs of the searcher, so you’ll only see the best, most relevant results.

You may use SEO to find exactly what you’re looking for, right at your fingertips. So, the next time you’re looking for the nearest gas station on your way home from work, keep SEO in mind!

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