White Hat & Black Hat SEO Techniques: Things You Should Know

Search engine optimization is a tempting tool to get everything done in a short interval of time and bring the best in SERP ranking. This phenomenal aspect strikes the business doorstep in two different fashions- White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

Both software runs by following some algorithms. In short, we can say White Hat SEO is more relevant to Google’s guidelines for effective outcomes whereas Black Hat SEO works based on some tricks and hacks that give a push to your brand for just a short term. Therefore, leave a negative effect on your potential customers over the long term. Why Is SEO Important For Your Website

Lets’ dive into the article and get to know everything about White and Black Hat SEO.

What is White Hat SEO? & what is Black Hat SEO?

With a simple example, you can be cleared out about the true meaning of both terms – Cowboys wearing a White Hat to denote good guys and Black Hat to denote bad guys, similarly White and Black Hat SEO differentiate the good and bad practices of SEO.

White Hat SEO: Under this, use robust strategies to hit the target audience to boost business in the market. Another core point of White Hat is a good SEO campaign will more curious to follow White Hat SEO over everything.

It is important to understand the online ranking and visibility of your website to pursue any SEO practice. Here are some White Hat practices you can follow to be ranked as #1 in the SERP ranking:

  1. Quality Content
    In modern SEO, content is one thing that can make or break your business’s online reputation. By understanding this concept, quality content is credited to rank your site or blog. Another major thing is content is ruling everywhere.
  1. Relevant keywords
    Any keyword irrelevant to your subject can be counted as useless content as well as leave negative feedback for the long term. Give full attention to keywords and use 1 primary and 2 or 3 secondary keywords to enhance the content format.
  1. Backlinks
    Building backlinks take time and full attention, but it can impact your SERP ranking and increased site traffic. It is worth your investment.

Black Hat SEO: The term Black Hat is connected with a computer hacker. It signifies a shortcut to get a higher ranking by breaking search engine rules. This is used by the people who are in a mood to enhance business growth within a day or two. It brings short-term reward but long-term regret.

Here are some techniques typically used while doing Black Hat SEO:

  • Keyword stuffing
    This is no longer in a race as the search engine is smart and easily recognizes the overuse of the same keyword on a single page. By definition, it is the use of the same keyword throughout one page to enhance visibility and improve traffic but doesn’t look natural and user-friendly.
  • Comment spamming
    Spam comments are implemented to build free backlinks. This is easily caught and a complete waste of time because it contains no followers and even looks unprofessional. Sometimes, this practice is done manually and on another note, there are various tools to make it happen.

Apart from this, there are duplicate content, hidden text and links, article spinning, and some other risky and unacceptable practices are followed by the Black Hat SEO.

At last, Black Hat SEO is a risky formula, sooner or later it can be detected and put a bad impression on the audience. Therefore, go with slow and stable White Hat SEO techniques for long-term victory.

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