What is Google Discover and how will it affect SEO?

With the existence of Google, half of the problems have been resolved. But at the same time, we can’t deny rapid advancement in the Google search algorithm that almost makes us think a little faster than usual.

Google Discover is a one-stop destination for a problem like finding favorable stuff in this competitive world. Over time, Google gets better to predict our choice of searches as well as behave like a magician for the SEO industry.

How can we go further without rolling the wheel around the history of Google Discover!!

A Brief History of Google Discover

As per studies, Google Discover origins before 2012, and it was popularly known as ‘Google Now’. The main purpose of it is to deliver information from day to night and particularly include the stuff related to sports events, politics, conferences, etc. Gradually, it had refined and named as ‘Google Feed’ and later, in 2018, Google officially registered with a name called ‘Google Discover’ and till date, it’s the same with huge amendments. With around 58% of users madly using a mobile platform to scroll the internet and therefore, Google’s new features give a user-friendly experience to its users.

What is Google Discover?

Basically, Google Discover is a search engine that delivers content related to users’ search history and online action. One by one Google unlocks its search box according to desired keywords and searches.

Google Discover recommends content based on our recent search history and interests. It uses AI to show information what user wants.

Features of Google Discover to turn fantasy world into reality

• Get updates of our interests without searching time and again
• Have an option to customize what we find
• Get a mix of trendy and evergreen content
• Regularly examine our performance on Google Discover Feed
• Good quality of required images and videos

How will Google Discover connects SEO?

Google keeps users busy on a search platform with effective search results. We cannot say, Google is as busy as other social media platforms but it’s the most recommended search engine for almost all businesses.

A small percentage of Google Discover can change the full scenario of SEO.

It is true to say, Google Discover can affect SEO but the question is ‘HOW’. In order to increase the SEO ranking, increase the Google search Discover. Optimization is one key to enhance SEO status in all prospects.
Google Discover can prove a boon for our business and even set a brand for success with it. Here are some ways to reshape your organization with Google Discover and get the deserving ranking in the search engine.

Quality Content

As you know content is a king everywhere, so forgetting it in any way will put our brand in trouble. The key to a successful campaign is generating relevant and informative content. It can be in any form such as blog, podcast, social media posts, live-feed, story-telling format, etc.

Perfect Promotion

The best way to engage an audience is with the perfect promotion of your content and it’s possible by showing posts in user’s feeds. A simple or complex piece of content needs full promotion to get a highlight in front of the general public. Therefore, share a post on social media and other blogger’s sites is the best solution.

Use images and videos

Images and recorded videos gain more interest rather than text. Written content can explain the post more clearly but multimedia works extraordinary with content.


Make content or site mobile-friendly, so people scroll on their phone screen. As we know 95% of people feel more comfortable searching over the mobile phone as compared to desktop. Therefore, share content that looks amazing over mobile phones.

Don’t waste time, try experimenting with content on search engines and be a part of a successful journey.

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