SEO SWOT Analysis: A Complete Guidance

A SWOT analysis is an incredible tool that helps you to boost your business strategy, doesn’t matter your company is a new startup or already existing. It is a simple and easy-to-use tool.

Let’s study the SWOT analysis in-depth.

What is a SWOT Analysis?

The word ‘SWOT’ stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats.

These are four keys that you should identify well to bring your company on board.

Strengths and weaknesses are the internal part of your company – the aspects that you have to look after and can change according to requirements. For example, team members, your patents and intellectual property, and your existing location.

Opportunities and threats are the external part of your company – the aspects that are not in your control. You have to work harder or smarter to create your space in the larger market by keeping in mind the threats (that can harm your reputation). For example, competitors, shopping trends, prices, and customer feedback.

This SWOT analysis comes into existence to organize your strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats into a well-maintained list.

Why SWOT analysis is a priority?

Whether you are running a business with a pre-planned strategy or not, SWOT analysis gives you a new direction that can assist you to go beyond your prior planning. It gives you a chance to look out for your positive and negative sides and manage things accordingly.

How a SWOT analysis can be performed in a better way?

The SWOT analysis can be done by collecting the company’s workers. It will not take a full day or a week, by spending 2 or 3 hours you can reach to the required outcome.

Invite company’s manpower

As you know the company consists of different departments and each department has a representative and team lead. Gathering all representatives around a table is important because every person has their individual perspective and it can help you to gain success for the SWOT analysis process.

Present your ideas on the board

Give 10 to 15 minutes to each member present in the meeting. They try to explore exclusive ideas to run a business and at last collect all the ideas on a single board.
In this discussion, give equal importance to each voice and make it highlighted in the group discussion.

Finalize the idea

Once all the ideas are collected on the board, it’s time to rank the ideas. You can use a voting system where everyone has to choose 2 to 3 ideas they think are the most appropriate for the successful SWOT analysis process.

At last, the idea that gained maximum voting is the clear winner. Discuss the finalized idea and start performing.

Note: The idea-generating process should be carried out by keeping in mind the four quadrants of a SWOT analysis – Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats.

Basics of SEO SWOT analysis

If you are new to understand how to start SWOT analysis, take a look at upcoming steps.

Determining your SEO strengths

As we discuss at the starting of this blog, Strengths are the internal factors that can be controlled or changed by the company representatives. Look at your current Google Analytics and ups & downs in your Google Search Console to identify your SEO strengths.

Here are some questions to ask and analyses your SEO strengths-
• What keywords are ranking good?
• What unique thing you have done so far?

Clearly examine the keywords that already have some level of reputation on search engines. This is one thing that can help you to upgrade your business level.

Review these below mention ways to expand your SEO strength:

  1. Check out the great opportunities you can grab from the strongest piece of content you are sharing.
  2. Identify the right landing pages that are ranking for the keywords. Survey how the homepage ranks with the use of keywords.

Identify your SEO weaknesses
Nobody is perfect in this whole universe so don’t pretend to be!

When perfection comes to SEO, it can’t move forward without shedding some light on its weaknesses, so admitting SEO weaknesses early will save some of your efforts, time, money, and status in the market.

Keywords & Content: When you scroll on the search engines, several revealed keywords might not be in your approach because of competition, reputation, and quality of content. During such circumstances, it’s better to look for long-tail keywords alternatives to generate visibility, traffic, and high conversion rates.

Technicality: SEO does not only depend upon the keywords and content, it can be improved by some sort of technical terms. Accept the SEO weaknesses like not well-maintained page or website, keep reviewing the site and fix technical errors for a better version.

Backlinks: High-quality Backlinks are very much important in the search engine ranking as they enhance the authority of the site they are linked with.

Determine SEO opportunities

As we discuss at the starting of this blog, opportunities are external factors that can build by improving the SEO strategy. This factor works by including both SEO strengths and weaknesses.

You can have an opportunity to find high-ranked keywords that can give a tough match to the competitors. Work on unique and high-quality content to represent your business at the top of the list.

Time to time, maintain and upgrade your site for the best outcomes, and obviously, you will have SEO opportunities such as new contracts for your field, connection with the top class companies, and a couple of others.

Another major thing that can enhance your SEO opportunities – building high-quality backlinks will leave no stone unturned.

Pay attention to your SEO threats

If you have a chance to win the competition, don’t forget some competitors are always there to ruin your whole game in just a minute.

Content: Duplicate content can be the primary threat to your reputation. In order to avoid any penalty because of such content, you have to add the canonical tags referencing source content in the headers of the page of your duplicate content.

Backlinks: Same as duplicate content, low quality, and irrelevant backlinks can give long-term harm to your reputation. This can result in manual penalty further which can come as a lack of organic visibility and traffic.

Recovering from a manual penalty is not as easy you think, it takes a huge time to resolve the matter.

Without wasting another second of your life, focus and take action. If you have data in hand and identify the issues, initiate the SWOT analysis process now. This will drive traffic to your website and enhance the conversion rate.

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