The Relevance of SEO During COVID-19

COVID-19 is that black swan event that has impacted businesses worldwide. Where some businesses couldn’t stand through the changing winds, some proved to be resilient by re-strategizing their survival tactics. What was this survival tactic?

To shift their operations online and benefit largely from the digital platform. However, this shift is not enough! Businesses need strong SEO support to make themselves visible among the crowd. Only 10 results are shown on Google’s first page, and getting to that first page is certainly not a cakewalk.

The relevance of SEO has risen significantly since the pandemic happened. With the number of searches increasing every second, businesses need to build a powerful SEO strategy to beat the competition.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Search engine optimization is the practice of improving website traffic through improving Google search engine rankings. The better the page ranking, the more the chances of people landing on your page.

The four pillars of SEO include:

Technical SEO: Focuses on content structure, site speed, mobile-friendly content, indexing, and using CMS that follow SEO best practices

Content: Focuses on delivering quality and relevant content and that uses the right keywords and maintains a consistent keyword density.

On-Page SEO: Focuses on page titles, keyword research, meta descriptions, alt tags, user experience, and powerful call to actions

Off-Page SEO: Focuses on link building, social media marketing, business listings, social bookmarking, classified ads, and guest posts

Why SEO Is Important During COVID-19?

Here are some reasons that answer — why should you upscale your SEO efforts now more than ever.

Improve Google search rankings

Dominate your brand over your competitors

Increase website traffic and improve leads

Stay relevant and helpful in times of need

Paid SEO can get expensive in these trying times. This is why it becomes even more important to grow your organic SEO efforts in the right direction.

What are the SEO Best Practices?

SEO best practices that can help you top the popularity charts include:

Upscale your local SEO by focusing on geographically targeted keywords

Write relevant, informative, keyword-oriented content

Write titles and alt tags for images. Also, upload images file with image names

Create infographics that are both informative and statistics-driven

Focus on meta descriptions and SEO titles that put emphasis on the primary keyword

Write blogs, guest post, and articles that are central to your SEO strategy

Write relevant social bookmarking, business listing, and classified ads

Embed the right links for a fruitful backlinking strategy

Optimize image, gifs, video, and audio file content for enabling faster loading time


SEO is the building block of your online business. To dominate your online presence now that every small and big business is online, invest in the best SEO Practices.

You can consult SEO-driven firms that can guide you on the best industry practices that hold the potential to lead you to success.

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