What are Gif File submission and its Benefits?

GIFs are no new it is popular than ever before. It is an acronym of Graphics Interchange Format was introduced in 1987 as a new way to present moving images. The Internet quickly embraced its importance and now after 34 years, it is used by several brands to grab customer’s attention.

Here are some benefits that prove the same

  1. Easy to Consume – GIFs are easy to consume and this makes them more attractive to any other brand and it meets all content requirements of the targeted customers.
  2. Appealing and Effective – As per a recent study only 20% of people remember the text which is without visuals this reminds us again why visual power is more appealing and effective in creating solid brand awareness.
  3. Better than images but cheaper than video – Brands started initiating the idea of GIFs in their content marketing strategy when it found it more appealing, and cheaper as compared to video production.
  4. Speaks Internet Language – GIFs are a part of Internet culture from the days of their discovery and till now and despite the changes in the communication process, brands can still use and get more conversions.

Here is the Gif File submission Sites List 2021

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