What are Image submission and its Benefits in Seo?

Image submission in Search Engine Optimization means submitting relevant images of your website to different websites and pages. This entails choosing the correct format image, text file format, and description. You can make the image submissions either by posting or sharing them to various submission websites. Popular websites include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Benefits of Image Submission

  1. Increased Search Results – When you enter a query on Google then the search engine provides the best possible results within those keywords. When you click on images then you would be able to see pictures related to the same. If you share images with the keywords then your ranking on SERPs will also increase.
  2. Reach Target Audience in less time – People often get easily attracted to images and image sharing is a popular method for SEO. When you share the images you have an option to add a caption or a link. Use the caption to share a short description of the image and add a link redirecting to your website.
  3. Make your text or image stand out – Incorporated text with an infographic is a powerful tool. With this, you can easily stand out against the competition and can reach your targeted audience

Here is the Image Submission Sites List 2021

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