What are Microblogging and its Benefits?

Micro Blogging is posting brief and crisp information about a particular topic. It is quite different than traditional blogs which are hosted on a custom website. These are usually posted on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The most common of microblogging is Twitter that allows users to add 140 characters per post.

Merits of Mircoblogging

The Marketing community has commenced paying more attention to microblogging. Let’s take us a look at the benefits of the same:

Reduced Effort – You can create several microblog posts in the same time that you will devote to write a longer piece of content. Creating long posts multiple times in a day is not a viable option but on the other side, microblogging takes few minutes to be prepared and to post as well.

Always Remain on Strategy – Consistency is the key for result-oriented Content Marketing. Brands that post frequently gets more engagement. For brands, microblogging is the easiest way to keep in touch with the targeted audience. For an instance, a simple tweet can be more effective than a long piece of information.

Mobile-friendliness – Websites like Pinterest and Twitter are getting more popular since it is available on various apps that users love to opt.

Here is the Microblogging Sites List 2021

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